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Who are we?

Firestorm Trading is here to provide you with the best trading tools, automated trading bots & knowledge out there. To help you feel confident in taking your trades. Whether you are trading in Binary Options, Forex, Stocks, or Indices. Our indicators and methods work on all charts and timeframes, our AI-automated trading bots can also run 24/5 and comes with step-by-step training.

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Firestorm Indicators Passing Prop Firm Accounts

This member used the Automated Signals coming from the Firestorm Indicators to manually trade and pass her prop firm challenge with FTMO!!

Firestorm Indicators SIgn Up & Details

New Member using Firestorm Odin Bot 🤖

The photo shows one of our new members using our Firestorm Odin AI Trading Bot, for TWO months and took a live personal account and made $61,302 PROFIT hands free following our step by step training!

Firestorm Odin Sign Up

9% Gain Using Firestorm Scalper V5 🤖

This new member joined and set up the Firestorm Scalper V5 using our step by step training and made $19,461 Profit on a 200k account in a week!

Firestorm Scalper V5 Sign Up & Information

Firestorm Odin 🤖 Running on Nas100 for a new member

This memeber put Firestorm Odin Bot on a Prop Firm Account and made $41,957 in one month!

Firestorm Odin Sign Up